VIDEO: Manatee stops for a visit at Rodanthe Pier

Video screen grab of a manatee spotted Saturday morning at Rodanthe Pier.

A manatee took a swim around the Rodanthe Pier on Saturday morning, the second “sea cow” sighting on the Outer Banks this month.

On June 16, a manatee was seen swimming in Currituck Sound. It’s unclear if it might be the same one.
Manatees sightings are relatively unusual in North Carolina, but they have been spotted as far north as coastal Virginia during summer migration season, according to the US Fish and Wildlife Service.
“During the summer manatees expand their range, and on rare occasions are seen as far north as Massachusetts on the Atlantic coast and as far west as Texas on the Gulf coast,” the wildlife service says. “Manatees may travel hundreds of miles during a year’s time, preferring to travel along channels and shorelines.”

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  1. I think this is a different Manatee than the one spotted in the Currituck Sound early in June because the earlier one had Marks on it’s back where as this latest one does not.

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