Sproul elected new KDH mayor; recount possible for Manteo commissioner seat

Ben Sproul has been elected the new mayor of Kill Devil Hills, while there could be a recount in the race for a seat on the Manteo Board of Commissioners.

According to unofficial results from Tuesday’s municipal elections, Sproul won by nearly 300 votes over Ann Petera. Ron Wright was a distant third.

Ivy Ingram and BJ McAvoy claimed the pair of positions up for grabs on the Kill Devil Hills Board of Commissioners.

Betty Selby and Darrell Collins clinched two of the three available seats on the Manteo Board of Commissioners.

Hannon Fry leads Jason Borland by just two votes for the third and final spot. But absentee and election day transfer ballots must still be added to the totals, and that could change the final results.

If the margin remains less than one percent a recount can be requested, under state law.

Manteo Mayor Bobby Owens ran unopposed and was elected to a second term.

In Nags Head, Kevin Brinkley and Renee Cahoon won the Board of Commissioners race. Southern Shores town council winners were Matthew Neal, Elizabeth Morrey and Leo Holland.

Monica Thibodeau, Nancy Caviness, Donald Kingston, Sandy Whitman and Rob Mooney claimed Duck town council seats. David Hines and Lynne McClean had no other opponents for Kitty Hawk town council.

Final unofficial results as reported to the state Board of Elections:

Town of Duck – Town Councilmember (Five seats) 1 of 1 precincts reported
Monica Thibodeau – 167, 13.93%
Nancy Caviness – 164, 13.68%
Donald P. Kingston – 157, 13.09%
Sandy Whitman – 147, 12.26%
Robert Mooney – 140, 11.68%
Jonathan Britt – 123, 10.26%
Marc Murray – 99, 8.26%
Chuck Burdick – 98, 8.17%
Ben Vorndran – 98, 8.17%
write-ins – 6, 0.50%

Town of Kill Devil Hills – Mayor, 1 of 1 precincts reported
Ben Sproul – 808, 58.21%
Anne Petera – 518, 37.32%
Ron Wright – 60, 4.32%
write-ins – 2, 0.14%

Town Commissioner (Two seats)
Ivy Ingram – 774, 31.21%
Bernard (BJ) McAvoy – 767, 30.93%
Nelson V. (Skip) Jones, Jr. – 647, 26.09%
T. Dillon Heikens – 279, 11.25%
write-ins – 13, 0.52%

Town of Kitty Hawk – Town Councilmember (Two seats) 1 of 1 precincts reported
David Hines – 223, 52.22%
Lynne McClean – 185, 43.33%
write-ins – 19, 4.45%

Town of Manteo – Mayor, 1 of 1 precincts reported
Bobby Owens – 266, 92.04%
write-in – 23, 7.96%

Town Commissioner (Three seats)
Betty Govan Selby – 216, 25.96%
Darrell Collins – 182, 21.88%
Hannon Fry – 154, 18.51%
Jason Borland – 152, 18.27%
Nancy Peele – 121, 14.54%
write-ins – 7, 0.84%

Town of Nags Head – Town Commissioner (Two seats) 1 of 1 precincts reported
Kevin Brinkley – 581, 42.75%
Renee Cahoon – 533, 39.22%
Keith Sawyer – 241, 17.73%
write-ins – 4, 0.29%

Town of Southern Shores – Town Councilmember (Three seats) 1 of 1 precincts reported
Matthew Neal – 896, 30.39%
Elizabeth Morey – 885, 30.02%
Leo Holland – 625, 21.20%
Fred Newberry – 508, 17.23%
write-ins – 0, 0%

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  1. Ann Peterra would have made a great Mayor. Shes not a Liberal. She, and some of the other candidates can actually think for themselves . . . not sure the trio will be able to do that.
    What else was that but an admission by all three of them that they were not capable or confident in running there own campaign. So much for free thinking. But then again sheila had to tell brandi how to vote the whole time she was on our BOC. God help us.

  2. I can’t say how happy I am to see Fred Newberry gone from the Southern Shores town council. Fred was just full of himself. I don’t think arrogant is a good word for him. He was that and more. Him and his joined-at-the-hip friend McDonald were a detriment to the town. Newberry’s defeat and McDonald’s withdrawal will make this town a better place.

  3. The votors have spoken and congratulations to Ivy Ingram for her win to the town council for Kill Devil Hills. In my opinion Ivy has been walking the walk for some time in Kill Devil Hills and now serving as a town commissioner she will continue to make Kill Devil Hills a great place to live, work and play.

    Darrell Collins will continue to serve on the Manteo town council and will serve to steer the coursse of the town in a forward direction.

    Kevin Brinkley will bring his proven expertise in town government and people skills to better the town of Nags Head and that is certainly a good thing.

    Time to put down the snarky comments and work wih the newly elected officials to make sure that difficult decisions and isues that face the towns of the Outer Banks are met for the betterment of all.

  4. I do find it intriguing that Anne Peterra was the only candidate that spoke of, or advertised, their party affiliation for the KDH elections. She had radio ads where she touted her conservatism. These are local elections about local ideals. Not the partisanship we see at the state and national level. If the only thing you can say good about her is that she is not a liberal, you are already alienating half of the population. We’ve all had enough partisanship. The trio is a little more diverse than you have been led to believe. It was time for a fresh look in KDH.

  5. The future of Manteo‚Äôs elected officials will depend on how they proceed on the proposed SAGA eyesore on the waterfront. I hope those corrupted pockets are deep, because there may be some former public servants collecting unemployment next time around….

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