Southern Environmental Law Center, local groups oppose Mid-Currituck bridge

The Currituck Sound. [Photo courtesy SELC, copyright Bill Sublette]

While the federal government has given its blessing to a new bridge from the mainland to Corolla, others are questioning the decision.

The Southern Environmental Law Center, which has partnered with local groups opposing the Mid-Currituck Bridge, reiterated Monday the 7-mile-long toll bridge is unnecessary because of NCDOT data on traffic counts, and ignores alternative solutions.

Among those alternatives? Widening N.C. 12 through Southern Shores and Duck to three lanes, traffic circles instead of stop lights, and building a flyover interchange with U.S. 158 in Kitty Hawk.

Opposition groups also say the bridge will cost more than a half-billion dollars, rather than the estimated $440 million estimated by NCDOT, and that there has been no public input on the proposal since 2012.

“Approval of this expensive bridge is particularly disappointing in light of Governor Cooper’s recent statements and executive order noting the importance of resiliency in the face of climate change,” said SELC Attorney Kym Hunter. “Not only will this bridge encourage more development in a stretch of North Carolina that will soon be underwater, but it diverts funding away from other needed road improvements in coastal North Carolina that are increasingly vulnerable to flooding.”

Legal challenges are expected against the Mid-Currituck Bridge, which has been proposed for more than four decades.


  1. There should not be another bridge at all. Whatever choice is made does only one thing…destroys the beauty and environment of the outer banks. One of the things that makes this so beautiful is the simple beauty, and the care of the obx, and all its occupants, either animals or people. If you bring a bridge right to it all, you bring heavy traffic, and then you take away more of nature’s beauty and all that entails. Keep it the way it is and safeguard it. Greed is not a good reason to ruin it all. Saving time driving is definitely not a reason to kill this place slowly with so called progress. Take a look at Ocean city, MD…the bridge were added for convenience. Now, it’s an overdeveloped area full of crime and drugs, and the environment takes a back seat to convenience. It’s not a beautiful place anymore. I am hoping folks around here take a second look at doing any more bridges on the banks. It’s not at all needed. Let’s take the evacuation route excuse I’ve heard. If you see a storm is approaching, stop waiting until the last minute to leave, or be patient in traffic. Taking care of this beautiful place should not be last on the list. I oppose any new bridge at all going from anywhere up north from southern shores to carova. Keep this gem beautiful!

  2. The Southern Poverty Law Center is about as misnamed of an org as is possible. They are an extremely rich, radical leftist group funded by extremists. They have zero expertise or credibility on climate science, so consider the source there. As for the bridge as a cause of overdevelopment, thats a silly argument akin to people blaming the gun for a shooting. Your elected representatives at the county level are responsible for building ordinances. If you believe they’ve allowed too much development, that’s on them & you for electing them… a bridge is irrelevant to that issue.

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