Second largest shark ever tagged in the Atlantic ‘pings’ off Outer Banks

Unama'ki, the largest white shark ever tagged in the Atlantic, in Nova Scotia on Sept. 30. [OCEARCH photo]

Unama’ki, a 2,076-pound, 15-foot, 5-inch great white shark, pinged in the Atlantic Ocean just north of Corolla Tuesday morning, a little more than a week after being tagged by OCEARCH researchers in Nova Scotia.

Unama’ki pings north of Corolla on Tuesday morning. [OCEARCH graphic]
Unama’ki is the second largest great white the shark-tracking organization has tagged in the Atlantic Ocean. She was captured and outfitted with a tracker in Nova Scotia on Sept. 30.

OCEARCH research shows the Atlantic continental shelf waters off North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and the east coast of Florida are a winter hot spot for large white sharks.

Unama’ki was named by OCEARCH partner SeaWorld after the indigenous Mi’kmaq name for Cape Breton. Unama’ki means “Land of the Fog.”

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  1. My question is, how far offshore is she? That would provide significant context. From the map, it looks like she’s well offshore, but the headline makes it sound like tourists are on the menu.

    • Obviously sharks aren’t the man eaters many believe them to be. Either way they can’t tell the difference between natives, locals or tourists!!

    • You can go to and look at the tracking of her. You can also google shark tracker and it will come up. You can then look at her travel log.

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