SAGA withdraws zoning request after outcry over Hatteras village hotel proposal

The site of the proposed hotel is at the east end of the village (top of photo). [Image courtesy N.C. Maritime Museums]

SAGA Realty & Construction has withdrawn its request for a text amendment that would have marked the first step in plans to build a controversial seven-story oceanfront hotel in Hatteras village.

The Dare County Planning Board met Monday night to discuss the amendment request, which would have added “mixed-use development” to the list of conditional uses, as well as change several dimensional requirements to allow a building of that height.

News of the proposal spread fast on social media, drawing an outcry from residents and property owners concerned about spoiling the island’s natural beauty, and the strain the project might bring to utilities and roads. An online petition at had nearly 5,000 signatures Monday night.

SAGA representatives at Monday night’s meeting withdrew the text amendment request to review and make adjustments to the proposed project at the site of the Sea Gull Motel.

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  1. Them people got to have the right last name like Basnight or Midgette or Daniels and they’d of gotten they stuff done without a hearing. Pilings would already be in da ground and a permit issued in less time than reglar folk be gettin plans drawed.

    • I think we should wait and see what SAGA brings vack to the board before we think this is over …..all part of the game …this partucular article is pretty sketchy on details.. glad to see so many contacted Commissioners ..

  2. I hope that they do not allow them to build a monster hotel in Hatteras.
    I just got back from there on the 8th of June and the island was not that busy. Many shops were closed and didn’t seem like the houses were booked as normal.
    This hotel will really kill the business environment there. I as well as well as my family members go to Hatteras to avoid this type of enviorment. I have stayed in Frisco for the last 45 years and will find another place to vacation if they approve this type development.

  3. Building high-rise hotels and staffing them with under-paid locals is how things are done in the economic “third world” (Central America, Caribbean, etc. — its not economic progress because any significant money returns to the mainland investors who, in this case, don’t live on Hatteras Island. Please, Dare County, as a life-long OBX vacationer, do not let your charm be sold. You can never get it back.

  4. Does anyone remember the likes of Mark Parker, Danny and Charlie Daniels and others and all the scams that sent them to prison? This has the same feel.

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