UPDATED: Alleged Cape Hatteras tire slasher faces six counts of vandalism

Richard Gregory Perrot [photo courtesy Dare County Detention Center]

Richard G. Perrot, 62, of East Lake in Dare County, is scheduled to appear in federal court this afternoon on six counts of damaging property in connection with a series of tire slashings at Cape Hatteras National Seashore, court records show.

Perrot was caught in the act of slashing vehicle tires at seashore on Sunday, National Park Service officials said in a news release. At approximately 3 p.m. on Aug. 11, the suspect was arrested in the parking lot of Ramp 23, which is located south of the village of Salvo.

His arrest occurred after National Park Service rangers and U.S. Fish and Wildlife officers observed him in the act of puncturing tires on a Jeep Cherokee, the news release said.

Slashed rear tire on a red Jeep Wrangler. [NPS photo]
Since the beginning of 2019, at least 66 vehicle tires have been slashed at seashore parking lots. Additional tires have been slashed north of the seashore. The majority of the vehicles that were vandalized were sport utility vehicles.

But the “why” behind the crimes remains a mystery.

“We want to know why, too,” said Cape Hatteras National Seashore Chief Ranger Boone Vandzura. “What’s the motive, why would you do this?”

A break in the case came after authorities received information about a suspect vehicle, Vandzura said. A “variety of investigative techniques” led to Sunday’s arrest.

Federal court records show Perrot has been charged with six federal counts of vandalism/damaging property. He is currently being held at the Dare County jail pending today’s court appearance at the federal courthouse in Elizabeth City.

The Dare County Sheriff’s Office, Kill Devil Hills Police Department, Nags Head Police Department, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Dare County Communications Center, and the National Park Service’s Investigative Services Branch assisted the Seashore with the case.

Law-enforcement is working on damage estimates in the case and doesn’t yet have a tally, Vandzura said.

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  1. If he has no hands then he can’t do it again. There is no excuse for his actions period. No place in our society for ugly people. And he’s sure ugly looking.

    • So, you are calling for sharia law and chopping off his hands? Is that before or after a trial? And hey, he’s not as attractive as you so let’s just off him either way. Did you have to put down your beer or were you one hand typing?

      • You obviously have never had a vehicle vandalized…try, if you can, to imagine returning to your vehicle after a pleasant day on one of the most beautiful beaches the world to find slashed tires. Please tell me you would not be just mad as a wet hornet.
        I think the comment you were reacting to was a vent, not a threat. Nothing to get your bloomers in a bunch over.

    • October 2018 I was down there for a quick surf trip. When leaving, this guy in a green pickup stopped facing NORTH in the SOUTHBOUND lane because of water on the road. I slowly passed him after waiting a few minutes not knowing what the heck he was doing. As I passed him I heard “HEY!!” Few miles up the Bonner bridge was down to one lane of traffic so we had to stop on the bridge to wait for signal to be let through. All the sudden, green pickup pulls up behind me and I SWEAR it was this very same man that came trotting up to my window screaming at me to get out of the car. Guy was a nut job. I had my concealed pistol on me and though he was trying to open my door, I’m not going to take a mans life for being a moron. IF this was the same man, this guy is UNSTABLE to say the least.

  2. Unbelievable for a guy as old as he is. It makes me wonder what other evil deeds he’s been up to. He has literally racked up thousands of dollars in damages and ruined the day for all those people who just wanted to get away from it all. A 62 year old low life , I feel sorry for his family especially if he had any children.

  3. This gets my vote for strangest news story I’ve seen in many years. A 62 year old vandal? East Lake is west of Manteo, so he had to drive 40-60 mins each way every time. This makes no sense. My mind is officially boggled.

    Great job and thanks to all the agencies and LE branches that worked on this. And especially to the tipster with the suspect vehicle info.

    • Oh! No doubt Judge Boyle will undoubtedly,totally BOIL this guy! Vandalism on private property gets a harsh sentence BUT on FEDERAL PARK SERVICE PROPERTY? This guy will go down for a long time! Judge Boyle May also order a Psychiatric evaluation depending what shows up in court ergo his family and their testimony pertaining to any past bizarre behavior. Obviously something is very wrong with this guy! I’m just glad no one got hurt on any of the vehicles he vandalized! Think about if someone should have been in any of those vehicles while he was doing his “slasher” thing! It could have been a throat slashed as well! Who knows, this guy may have hurt someone in the course of his life? GOD FORBID!

  4. Peculiar behavior can sometimes be attributed to types of dementia..’a gradual, progressive decline in behavior…some people with frontotemporal dementia experience dramatic changes in their personality & become socially inappropriate, impulsive or emotionally indifferent.”

  5. Carol’s post is the only intelligent one on here. I can appreciate the inconvenience of a slashed tire but, really, with all the other stuff going on in our world does this really merit this much rancor?

    • All of the other stuff in the world is not being discussed in this topic. Slashed tires are being discussed. Maybe you need to go to the “all the other stuff going on in our world” topic and discuss intelligence there.

      This is a news site for which people leave comments concerning the topic posted. Are you familiar with the concept?

  6. We were driving by and saw this guy being arrested. Had no idea that it was “the slasher”! Wonder what the motive was?

  7. Four slashed tires on one vehicle whould not be a inconvenience to me…If you don’t like the comments from some individuals on THIS topic maybe you should post somewhere else!

  8. He’s a “long-time” deranged person. Caught peeping in windows in the 90s. I wonder if he’s in cahoots with a tow company; I’ll slash tires and you’ll be called to tow or repair – we’ll split the profit…..just sayin’. That’s about his intelligence level

  9. To liberal Jay. Some capital physical punishment is in order for this guy and a lot more. Wheres the old oak tree. If criminals new punishment was harsh there just might be a little less crime. And I bet the court system and police would appreciate this. Everyone has rights especially criminals period

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