Elizabeth City man charged with threatening Nags Head Police Department

Keith Brown

An Elizabeth City man with a prior history of arrests in Nags Head has been charged with allegedly threatening violence and trying to extort the town’s police department.

According to a news release, Keith Brown, 42, called Dare County’s 911 Communications Center on Tuesday around 11:30 p.m. and threatened to use firearms and military weaponry and also demanded a cash payment from the Nags Head Police Department.

Additional security precautions were put in place at town offices and fire stations until Brown was arrested on Wednesday in Elizabeth City.

Brown was charged with four offenses related to the threats, including communicating threats and extortion, and was transported to the Dare County Detention Center where he was being held in lieu of $610,000 bond.

The Dare County Sheriff’s Office, Kitty Hawk Police Department, Elizabeth City Police Department, Pasquotank County Sherriff’s Office, State Bureau of Investigation, and Homeland Security Investigations assisted with the case.

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  1. They have all the guns and force backing them. The police are the real threat to humanity as well as our community. This guy clearly a drug addict the picture is that obvious. 610k bail for a guy who doesn’t even have 10$ in his pocket. Thats the real injustice. Being treated worse than a murderer or rapist. People all over are tired of the oppressive nature of police officer’s across all communities. It’s not until police feel like a vast majority of Americans, but the police geel endangered. Its a load od shit. When I see nad police being shot and killed I don’t feel bad people are fed up. The only time we address this issue as a nation os when law enforcement are under attack by the citizens who pay their salaries. Are EMT’s and Fire fighters having this same problem? No they are not. Thats because they save lives not ruin them. Lot of law enforcement thonk its only criminals who hate them and don’t trust them. That is the furthest from the truth. Kids all across thos country are being taught dont talk to the police they dont care about you they just wanna see you and your family locked up. Theese kids also see first hand the damage police cause. Thos is a culture breed out of fear, distrust, and hatted for law enforcement across this country. I think it’s great that people are taking a second thought before diving into to become police officers during a time when corruption and police brutality are so high in todays society. A few band apples ruin the whole bunch. Well where are the good police standing up against these bad apples. If I know my neighbor is abusing my child and I do absolutely nothing what does that say about me. Why is it different if your police with much more power than the average citizen. Fuck these cock roaches, they need to be stepped on and wiped out. That’s my bottom line. You can’t fight police brutality with half measure and talks. They need to be decimated. The power belongs to the people who employee these scumbags and they have forgotten that. Thos is refreshing to see people take a stand against these cowardice tyrants. Fuck em may they all burn in hell

    • Jason R. Lawrence
      Well obviously your GED expired a few months ago. You have neither the common sense, basic reasoning skills or balls to be a cop. you watch tv and troll the internet looking for someplace where you can pretend to be brave. It is people like you that make normal people want to vomit. Your spew of anti police hatred and lies shows what a shit stain on the underwear of life you are. You have no idea what it takes to be a law enforcement officer. The only difference between you and a catfish is that one of you is a bottom dwelling scum sucking shit eater and the other is a fish. You need to drag your ass out of your Mothers basement or garage whatever the case may be, put on your litte black hoodie and black pants along with your empty black back pack and slither your ANTIFA ass to Seattle. Too many Cops have made the ultimate sacrifice for you to be flapping your shit stained gums about something you will never appreciate or understand.
      In closing I would like to apologize to Catfish everywhere for my earlier reference.

  2. Those cops just might be clearing the traffic just so the emts and fire dept can save your life by getting to you sooner, maybe they will be the first one there to pull out of a burning car. If the cops are on you it for a reason fools. So my advise to cop haters is give them a reason to go out of business because everyone is a straight shooter fools I dare you to all to put them out of businesses it would be because everyone is doing the right thing. Make them like fire depot and emt.and not chasing down criminals.

  3. Well now I thonk, in light of current events, that Jason R. Lawrence’s alcohol fueled rant seems to have some more validity? Hmmm? Aaron Y. Dean in Fort Worth. This guy couldn’t have had any more training or education than one of our local deputies. We know them. How bout the ones in say Camden? Lol! Some of those can’t even speak the King’s English. Yet they managed to get their GED and maybe an associates in law enforcement degree from COA and they are armed and policing you. Worried about someone? Go check on them yourself. You risk your life with any contact with them. Maybe if your lucky they will only kill your dog.

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