Video: Sixth season of Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks premieres tonight on Nat Geo

The sixth season of the reality TV series Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks premieres tonight at 8 p.m. on National Geographic, Spectrum channel 45/762, featuring a new set of locals up against returning captains from up north.

In the first episode, it’s opening day of bluefin season and Captain Zack Shackleton of the Rasta Rocket wants to prove that his 28-foot 2000 Contender can compete with boats twice its size, while Pinwheel’s captain, Tyler McLaughlin, is determined to win his first season down south.

Teaser clip courtesy National Geographic

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  1. They had to get a whole new set of boats and captains from the outer banks because they wouldn’t pay them the same as the northern captains!!! Pretty shitty way to do business and why a lot of people aren’t watching anymore.

      • How can you say it was set up for Yankees to win…Southern boats won all five previous seasons (Fishin Frenzy won four of the five). Southern boat was runner up in two of five seasons, with Pin Wheel second in the other three seasons.

  2. I WANT MY FISHING FRENZY! This stinks. The only regulars after all this time are the Northern boats???? The main OBX
    home fleet featured in past seasons was amazing. And funny. And entertaining. I’m actually sad that I’m not going to hear that stupid freaking “Tuna Fishing Baby” song! These “new” guys and their dinky boats are boring. Shout out to all the southern boats
    who made WickedTuna OBX worth watching all these years. I thought the worst thing that could happen would be if Dave showed up! Good luck to Tyler,TJ, Dave and my fave first mate, Jarrett this season. I’ll tune back in for your next season in Gloucester.

  3. I have been watching from the get go. Wicked tuna outer Banks is not going to be the same. I really hope you all can get the real original crew back on. I hate to see the show go away. You need to make this survey easier to find.

  4. I love Wicked Tuna. Too bad southern boats. Greed gets you nowhere. I’m loving the new southern boats. I’m loving Rasta and their little boat and big ambition. I’m loving that I hate Reel e bugging. I hate Tuna.Com now I hate Reelebuggin. Love/hate drama makes this show great.

  5. Loved the original Southern Crew. They were able to keep pace with the Northern boats, who by the way have their own show. Just can’t watch the smaller boats try to compete. Not watching it until the originals are brought back.

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